Tuesday Showstoppers | Ages 6-8

Unfortunately, this class has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Please check back in the spring for new offerings.


LBMP's Fall 2020 session consists of 10 weeks of online classes. Classes for the Tuesday Showstoppers class will take place 3:30-5:00 on Zoom. These weekly classes will include singing, dancing, and acting activities as well as theater games geared specifically for this online setting. In this Tuesday class, we hope to promote appreciation of music and dance, while maintaining an atmosphere of fun. Students will also be working toward a final performance, where they will demonstrate some of the things they’ve learned throughout the session. This will be a live performance on Zoom and it will take place on the last day of class.


The Tuesday Showstoppers class will meet on the following dates, all 3:30-5:00pm:

9/15, 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 (Performance - invite family and friends to join us on Zoom!)


Weekly classes will be taught by Linda Bulgo and James Campbell. Learn more about them on our Teachers page.


It is important to us that each student receives the care and instruction that will best serve them as an individual. For this reason, online classes will be capped at a maximum of 15 students. We understand that this semester may come with new challenges for each child as they learn from home. With this in mind, we welcome communication from parents regarding their child’s specific needs. Students will be invited to engage in class in a number of varied and flexible ways, and each student will have a say in how they participate. For example, if a student wants to perform as a dancer and singer, but doesn’t feel comfortable having a speaking role, we will honor their request. Students who sign up for the Tuesday Showstoppers class are not expected to have any previous musical theater or performing experience. Our goal is to bring some joy and art to our students’ lives during this unique semester!


Tuition: $295


Tuition includes 

- 10 weeks of online Zoom classes, culminating in a live Zoom performance

- Free admission to the final Zoom performance for an unlimited number of guests 

- Links to songs and rehearsal videos for practicing on your own time

- Link to a video recording of the final Zoom performance


Please note: Due to the online nature of classes this year, families will not be required to volunteer, pay a volunteer buyout, sell tickets to the performance, or purchase shoes, tights, or other costume elements.


In the past, we have required students to wear black jazz shoes to classes/rehearsals. There is no such requirement this fall, since everyone’s at-home setup will be unique. We recommend wearing whatever footwear is most comfortable. If you’re on a slippery floor, we recommend bare feet or any shoes that will prevent you from slipping.


More about what to expect from musical theater Zoom classes:

  • During class, your child will be singing and dancing to music, so make sure they are set up in a place where it’s ok for them to sing out loud and have the volume all the way up on their device.
  • Find a space where your child has some room to move around. We understand that everyone’s living space is unique, and this might mean something different for everyone. Just make sure there aren’t any fragile objects or sharp corners nearby.
  • Download the Zoom.us app and create a login before the first day of class. Your class’s Zoom link will be emailed to you in the week before the first class.
  • We recommend using Zoom on a laptop or tablet for these classes, to allow your child to see the teacher on a larger screen. But phones will also work! 
  • Whatever device you decide to use, try to find a setup that allows for most of your child’s body to be seen by the camera. We will be able to provide better movement instruction if your child’s full body (or most of it) is visible on the screen.
  • We recommend adult supervision while your child logs into class on the first day. Once class begins, adult supervision will no longer be needed. Though if you’d like to be in the same room as your child and observe class, you’re welcome to.


If you have any unanswered questions, we’d be happy to answer them! Feel free to email us at info@LindaBulgosMusicalProductions.com