Friday Pickup from Sunnyside

LINDA BULGO, Owner and Founder
Sunnyside Elementary School (location info)
Friday, 2:40 PM
09/27/19 - 12/06/19 (11 weeks)


Please register for your class first, then "add a class" to include afterschool pickup.

Pickup from school available for St. Finn Barr and Sunnyside Elementary only.

Please add Linda Bulgo to your child's school emergency card and/or authorized pickup list.

Upcoming Meetings
11/22/19    2:40 PM Friday 11/22/19 2:40 PM
11/29/19    2:40 PM Friday 11/29/19 2:40 PM
12/06/19    2:40 PM Friday 12/06/19 2:40 PM